Assembly Programs
Interactive Science Programs provides exciting educational assembly programs that demonstrate how science impacts our lives. Our programs highlight the scientific contributions of historic and modern-day scientists, including lesser-known contributions from minorities and women.

Each assembly program is designed to capture the interest of students while meeting the 2061 Benchmarks and National Science Standards. Throughout our assembly programs, students and teachers are selected to join Interactive Science Programs’ Presenters in performing experiments that entertain while increasing students’ understanding of science. Our most popular assembly programs are described below:

Science Spectacular Program
Interactive Science Programs captures the attention of students by using over 25 dynamic science experiments that explore specific aspects of physics and chemistry. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the properties of various gases: including buoyancy of gases, speeds of gas molecules, and high-speed gas combustion reactions. Additionally, students will witness the property of elements on the periodic table, as well as, the interdependent relationship of the triangle of fire.

Cryogenics Program
The Cryogenics Program explores the condensing effects of liquid nitrogen on various solids, liquids, and gases. Program Presenters discuss science-related careers that utilize liquid nitrogen while conducting experiences that demonstrate industrial uses of liquid nitrogen. Selected students and teachers assist Program Presenters in performing demonstrations that explain how the absence of heat affects our use everyday items. This engaging one-hour long program ends with each student receiving a sweet cryogenic treat.

Science Classroom Enrichment Programs
Science classroom enrichment programs are tailored to enhance students’ understanding of science curriculum through hands on experimentation. First, we provide dynamic visual aids to review core science concepts taught in the classroom. Then, we supply the equipment and materials for students to explore those concepts through directed hands on experiments.

Interactive Science Program Presenters model best practices and classroom management in a way that fosters learning while encouraging inquiry-based thinking. Our science classroom enrichment programs are available in regular intervals based upon individual school enrichment needs.

Professional Development Sessions
Interactive Science Programs provides professional development sessions that count toward continuing education credits for teachers. Sessions are designed to increase teachers’ understanding of scientific concepts while building their level of comfort in performing classroom science demonstrations. Additionally, teachers are instructed in hands-on science techniques that keep students engaged in scientific explorations that utilize readily available and budget friendly materials. Finally, teachers are instructed on methods for explaining scientific concepts to students across various grade levels using grade appropriate lesson plans.

Community Day and Family Science Night Programs
Interactive Science Programs provides community day and family science night organizers with an entertaining and educational alternative for their attendees. These programs are designed to bring children, parents and their communities together to learn how science could impact their future. Attendees are encouraged to participate in hands-on science demonstrations that explain the importance of education for our youth.

Our Summer Science Camps provide students and teachers with the opportunity experience scientific exploration in chemistry, physics, aviation, engineering and other natural sciences.